AKTI Records is a DIY record label and a mail order releasing experimental sounds on various physical formats. We welcome, caress and distribute all sounds that are looking for new pathways in creation. You can contact us at aktirecs@gmail.com.


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AKTI Records:

Viitakoski – Blue Exhibition CS

Jan-Erik Juhani Viitakoski composed his minimalist debut work Blue Exhibition, during one night, in the home studio of his father Hella von Viitakoski’s home studio Villa Berlin, at the age of six. As Viitakoski Jr. told in an interview for Helsingin Sanomat, the work was created in a derelict art museum where he had spent his nights. The descriptions of the museum and its blue art works were detailed and vivid, and the paper received many inquiries about the museum’s location and its fascinating exhibition.

The research led to a curious conclusion: there was no such art museum or blue exhibition. Various specialists, from child psychologists to sleep researchers, looked into the case that was never definitively resolved or agreed upon. Jan-Erik Juhani Viitakoski disappeared after primary school. He was declared dead a decade later. Thirty years after his disappearance, however, he turned up on a blue bicycle in his hometown. There is no information about the course of his life during his absence. Today, Jan-Erik Juhani Viitakoski lives in a family mansion owned by the Viitakoski Foundation and is said to have returned to minimalism and contemporary art.

AKTICAS-3, edition of 75 copies. 7 euros. Sold out.

AKTI Zine vol.1

This zine includes interviews from beloved experimentalists such as Lau Nau, Bill Nace, Tommi Keränen, Marja Ahti, Topias Tiheäsalo, Steven R. Smith and Tom Greenwood + some reviews of records that have been either an slight obsession and/or a source of inspiration at the HQ of your favorite Finnish label. Submerge into sonic pleasures!

Edition of 200 copies. 7 euros. Sold out.

Lau Nau – Puutarhassa CD

In the summer 2020 Lau Nau did a video performance Live in the Orchard for the Munich based concert series frameless. She built a little transportable wagon that fits a modular synth, a miniature recording studio and a sound system, and created a concept for the performance where she made field recordings in the garden while playing the synth. This record includes two straight takes from the live performance, remixed with other material Lau Nau recorded in the same vein in the same place, a tiny village on an island in the Western coast of Finland.

ARPH-0006, edition of 200 copies. Sold out.

Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso U.F.O – Demi-Demoniac Daemoog CD

Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso U.F.O has always held a deep dedication and devotion towards improvised music. From psychedelic freakouts to Stockhausen-inspired noise, from minimalism to 70’s prog rock; to go from Black Sabbath all the way to Terry Riley, Acid Mothers Temple is your best gateway drug. Now with a history of over two decades, and a discography of over one hundred releases, here is one killer of an album more for you! Recorded at Lodge Studio in September 2017 and continued at Acid Mothers Temple in October 2021, Demi-Demoniac Daemoog is a monolith made out of wild and bubbly synthesizers topped with totally ”out there” kind of fuzz freakism.

ARPH-0005, edition of 200. Sold out.

Pymathon – Entangled Stench CD

”Sometimes the simplest idea is the best: to PLAY. That is, to not to rehearse, to not to plan, to not to ”compose”. To only play – start, go on, finish. Pymathon was formed in the summer of 2005 in Turku, Finland. Initially the band was a guitar-drums duo, but as the years rolled by Pymathon evolved into a quartet. And what a quartet! Thunderously blasty drumming, totally morbid axe work, poisonously lethal noise and unforgivingly sick vocals! Pymathon play their expressive Death-Thrash through the prism of free jazz, noise and free improvisation. This is the only way to preserve a sort of ”never ending demo-phase”. Metal is best when it is RAW when it has just about entered its initial stages of existence – when it is still trapped inside the void of unknowing. Metal does not get better with age – it’s actually quite the opposite. Pymathon go backwards in time, they stop the time, bend it a little bit, go through it. TOTAL improvisation is the ONLY way to reach the early sound of Thrash and Death Metal – the chaotic sound of an early demo by Kreator, Sarcofago, Demilich or Carcass for that matter. All members of Pymathon have been active in the Finnish experimental underground for couple of decades. And paradoxically, with their thoroughly improvised approach, metal DOES get better with time. Pymathon kommer, Pymathon killer!!!” – Börje Östhof, Turku, Disember 2021

ARPH-0004, edition of 200 copies.

Pug Life – L`annee Perrotique CD

Pug Life worked on L`Annee Perrotique during the time of Covid-19 pandemic. The tracks were recorded separately in accordance with the social distancing protocol. Having lost the opportunity of playing together, it was no longer an option to improvise in real-time. This led to introducing compositional elements, new to our joint venture, which has now been on-going for roughly ten years. In result, this is Pug Life.

ARPH-0003, edition of 100 copies. Sold out.

Tetuzi Akiyama & Tom Greenwood – Stoned Runes CD

Recorded live at Ringoya Tokyo, Japan in 2008 on when Jackie O Motherfucker toured in Japan.
Originally released by U-Sound Archive as a CD-r in 2008. Reissued by AKTI Records as a CD in 2021.

ARPH-0002, edition of 200 copies. Sold out.

Loren Chasse – Synthesis Of Neglected Places CD

Where it all started. Originally issued as a cassette on Unique Ancient Tavern in 1998, this album predates the Jewelled Antler collective but gives us an intriguing slice of what was yet to come. A gorgeous collage of outdoor recordings and piano.

ARPH-0001, edition of 100 copies. Sold out.

Sunken – The Four Eyed CS

Sunken is the very occasional Aotearoa/New Zealand duo of Antony Milton and Stefan Neville. Their shared love of reed organs and being underwater has produced four albums since 2004. ”The Four Eyed” is from a nearly forgotten session in Waterview, Auckland in 2014. In preparation for a live performance at The Audio Foundation’s ”Nowhere” festival, the session was recorded live to 2 track tape machine with the reed organs being augmented by electronics, tapes, voice, intercoms & assorted other keyboards. The shadows of a giant motorway and tunnel construction (now completed) at the end of the street inspired lyrical content as did their friend Diana Mahoney.

AKTICAS-1, edition 70 copies. Sold out.

Joseph Allred – Regeneration Of Time CS

Joseph Allred is a Tennessee-born multi-instrumentalist, who has received critical acclaim for his seemingly endless slew of wonderful records on labels such as Feeding Tube Records and Scissor Tail, most of which showcase his talent for all things stringed. Here on ”Regeneration Of Time” Allred encorporates guitars, piano, mandolin, banjos, zither, jaw harp, clarinet, mountain dulcimer, fiddle, turntable and field recordings to create an immensely beautiful and contemplating instrumental atmosphere.

AKTICAS-2, edition of 70 copies. Sold out.

Other Records


Amateur Hour – Kr​ö​kta Tankar och Br​ä​nda Vanor 2xLP 34e (Appetite)

Jon Collin – Bridge Variations LP 25e (Discreet Music)

Fagelbörs – Marjassa LP 25e (Ultraääni)

Horseface – Sanakirjan Takana LP 20e (Joteskii Groteskii)

Bromp Treb – Bald Eagle Over Food City LP 20e (Artsy)

Airaksinen/Pekkola/Tanner – Uudet Jes Opot LP 20e (Artsy)

Reynols – Gona Rubian Ranesa LP 18e (Outlier Communications)

Jukka Herva – Pääkallo ja Aurinko 20e LP (Ultraääni)

Lichen Gumbo – Altered Village LP 16e (Artsy, Ikuisuus, Jumatsuga, Lal Lal Lal)

The Parels – Soul Moth LP 18e (Lal Lal Lal, Ikuisuus)

Ilpo Numminen – I Guess You Could Call This A Long Play 16e (Lal Lal Lal)

Red Brut – Cloaked Travels 16e (Lal Lal Lal)

Gryke Pyje – Squirlich Stroll LP 20e (Mappa)

Gryke Pyje – Collision and Coalescence LP 18e (Mappa)

Gryke Pyje – Fragments Of High Sensitivity LP 16e (Ikuisuus, Hyster Tapes)

Samuli Tanner – Music For 1-Year-Old Samuli Tanner LP 16e (Fonal, Ikuisuus, Peace Files)

Topias Tiheäsalo/Niko Karlsson – Split LP 16e (Anoema)

Altaat/Euter – Split LP  16e (Ikuisuus)

Sunhiilow – Beyond The Cycle LP 16e (Ikuisuus)

Noel Meek & Bruce Russell – Say No To Hate LP 16e (Ikuisuus)

Sandoz Lab Technicans – Grey Orders, Distant Trails LP 16e (Ikuisuus)

Antti Tolvi – Taikuri Tali LP 16e (Ikuisuus)

Tuusannuuskat – Toiminnan Aattona LP 16e (Fonal, Ultraääni)

Uton – Anno Mundi 2xLP 16e (Crazy Iris)

Circle – Forest LP 20e (Ektro)

Art Bears – Winter Songs LP 20e (Ektro)

Pharaoh Overlord – 2 LP 20e (Ektro)

Erkki Kurenniemi – Rules 2xLP 22e (Ektro)

Soft Walls – Not Bad As It Seems LP 20e (Ektro)

SexA – Sedatives From The Pharmacy LP 20e (Ektro)


Skiftande Enheter – Oppna Landskap 10e (Happiest Place)

番長 TASTE 7″ 10e (IDDB)

U.Schütte – Unkugel 7″ 8e (Knotwilg)

Tomutonttu – Seikkailun Tuoksu 7″ 8e (Artsy)

Målgrupp – Rotera 7” 7e (Artsy)

Kai Johansson – Repenter/Serena Field 7″ 10e (Ultraääni)


Goverment Alpha – Seventh Continent CD 14e (Dotsmark)

Kazuma Kubota – A Sence of Loss CD 14e (Dotsmark)

Linda Fredriksson – Juniper CD 12e (We Jazz)

Aaron Dilloway & Jeph Jerman – Casual Collisions CD 12e (White Centipede Noise, New Forces)

Jason Crumer – Ruth CD 12e (White Centipede Noise)

Nuori Veri – Vakaumus CD 11e (Aussaat)

Circle Of Shit – Romance Through Body CD 11e (Aussaat)

Mo*Te – Throw A Stone CD 11e (Absurd Exposition)

Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble – Hand Signals CD 12e (Krim Kram)

Secret Apex – Secret Apex CD 11e (Satatuhatta)

The New Boyfriends – 3 CD 11e (Satatuhatta)

Umpio – Marisko CD 11e (Satatuhatta)

Circle – Zopalki CD 12e (Ektro)

Circle – Manner CD 12e (Ektro)

Stench Of Decay – S/T CD 11e (Ektro)

Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso U.F.O – La Novia CD 10e (Bam Balam)

Kawabata Makoto – We`re One Sided Lovers Each Other CD 10e (Bam Balam)

Savage Gospel – Horrors Of Nature CD 11e (Cipher Prod.)

Pain Jerk & John Wiese – Nerima CD 8e  (Anoema)

Lasse Marhaug – Quality Control CD 6e (Anoema)

Fransisco Lopez – Untitled (2005) CD 6e (Anoema)

Topias Tiheäsalo & Niko-Matti Ahti – Four Letters Life CD 10e (Passing Tone)

Topias Tiheäsalo – Eyes Of A Dead Lamb CD 10e (Tyyfus)

Avarus – Lepakkomiehessä CD 10e (Artsy)


V/A – New Galactic Windows 4 CS 7e (Ikuisuus)

Sunhiilow – Waking Through The Dawned Shades CS 7e (Ikuisuus)

Swagger Jack – Phoney Recs CS 7e (Ikuisuus)

Keijo – Aika On Meri CS 7e (Ikuisuus)

Neil Campbell – Sun Damaged Crown CS 7e (Ikuisuus)

J.K – Aurinkovuosi CS 7e (Ikuisuus)

Normal Rituals – Another Center CS 7e (Absurd Exposition)

Liminal Archeology vol.3 7e (Brownhill Mafia)

L’Abre Nu & Bardo Todol – Un Super Groupe Nommé Sapito CS 7e (Artsy)

Tomutonttu – Hoshi CS 7e (Joteskii Groteskii)

Atte Elias Kantonen – Pop 6 Susurrus CS 7e (Mappa)

Jukka Herva – Talvisade CS 6e (PullaOy)

Field Serenade – Upon The Walls Of Silence CS 7e (Magma Tones)

Yksi – Kosminen Itse CS 7e (Magma Tones)

Yksi – Yksi Kaikessa, Kaikkeus Yhdessä CS 7e (Magma Tones)

Brain Dwarf – Esoteric Construction CS 7e (Magma Tones)

Uton – Taajuuksia Taaempaa CS 7e (Unread)

Taivaskivi – Les Bothnia CS 7e (Self Released)

Li Jianhong/Raul Starcz/Dan Michiu – S/T CS 7e (Beach Buddies Records)

AKTI Records is a label and mail order based in Pori, Finland. AKTI`s products can be found from Ektro Records (Fin), Discreet Music (Swe), Knotwilg Records (Belgium), White Centipede Noise (Germany), Art Into Life (JPN), Cafe OTO (GB) and many more! Contact: aktirecs@gmail.com